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Career Mentoring

To advance in your chosen or aspired career path, you to follow and learn from someone who has been and done what you want to do. Someone who can direct and order your steps, provide suggestions and ideas, and constructive criticisms to help you navigate the career path. Sam Buah Foundation's key attribute is to unearth the abilities and talents in our members through mentoring. Our mentoring program seeks to partner mentors with mentees. We aim to give our mentees the best possible opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge, experience, and advice from those who have already gone ahead of them. Our mentors serve as role models and an excellent link to connect mentees to various opportunities. There are many good reasons why you would like to join our mentoring program.

If you are interested in joining our mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee, click on the register button below and send brief details of who you are and your aspirations. and a member of our team will get in touch with you.